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In an emergency, you want someone who is reliable, who can be trusted - and who can get to you as fast as possible. That's why SBF Electrical Ltd are regarded as the best emergency electrician London has to offer and the first number many Londoners call when the lights go out.

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When should you make an emergency call-out?

Some electrical problems can't wait to be fixed. Firstly, they could be essential to the function of your home and secondly, they could present a danger and need to be addressed urgently before potentially causing harm. In these scenarios you need an emergency electrician London residents can rely on to be not only fast but reliable!

If you start hearing sounds that are out of the ordinary coming from any of your electrical devices or outlets, this could be a sign of an overload. Don't try and fix this yourself. Instead, call your trusted emergency electrician in London. We can get to the source of the problem and get it fixed in a safe and timely fashion.

You should also call us if you begin to sense the smell of burning coming from your electrical outlets. Tell-tale signs of possible serious trouble also include yellow marks appearing on the walls close to your plug sockets. This could indicate burning. Call us right away and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

We have the expertise and experience to deal with any emergency situation. We can help with anything from flickering lights to broken sockets or larger problems such as a complete outage. Again, just give us a call and we will be happy to offer you an initial assessment.

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testing outlets

Need an emergency electrician in London?

We pride ourselves on offering an affordable and friendly service, aiming for customer satisfaction and hopefully repeat business that's why we charge much less than most other emergency electricians in London. All our electricians are JIB Qualified and all work is carried out to the latest British standards safety standards.

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